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Canine Treatment

What can we help with? 


Similarly to Humans and Horses there are numerous benefits of Chiropractic care to the Dog. Whilst most people think our treatment is limited to the spine, we are actually able to treat most joints and soft tissue structures (such as muscles) throughout the body. We use evidence-based methods to aid with recovery from neuromusculoskeletal conditions which may be chronic (present for over 6 weeks) or acute (present for under 6 weeks). 

Some of the brief benefits of care include reduction of pain and inflammation, improved mobility through joints and increased flexibility in muscles. Techniques can be modified dependant on the ability or size of the dog, making our care suitable for any breed or age and irrespective of whether you compete your dog in agility or flyball competitions, keep them as working animals or simply keep them at home going for walks regularly and just want a check-up. 

Some common behaviours we see in Dogs who may be in need of Chiropractic care include:

  • Difficulty getting up from a lying or sitting position

  • Puppy sitting/Sitting to one side

  • Constantly licking and chewing paws

  • Pain or yelping when being touched or lifted

  • Uneven wear of nails

  • Change in performance

  • Difficulty climbing stairs

  • Change in behaviour or attitude

  • Arthritic joint pain

  • Reluctance to jump

  • Reluctance to move 

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact us. 

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