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COVID-19 & Infections Policy 

Hand Hygiene

What we're doing

As lockdown measures are eased, individuals will naturally (and quite rightly) be anxious to ensure that all locations that they enter are sanitary and safe. We therefore want to make known the measures and protocols that we have put in place to ensure the health and safety of our patients once lockdown starts to ease.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Clinical and secretarial staff will be utilising Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) following guidelines provided by our respective professional regulatory bodies. This will include face masks, face shields/screens/visors, nitrile or latex gloves, and plastic coveralls, overalls, or aprons.

The Personal Protective Equipment described above, will be utilised for the duration of the canine appointments due to the close contact nature of the sessions and likelihood that they are held indoors. For equine appointments, PPE is not mandatory as per Governmental guidelines, particularly with appointments being held outdoors. 

Disinfecting Surfaces
All surfaces within the clinic are now wipe-down-surfaces. After a patient has been seen, and before the next patient enters the clinic, clinicians and secretarial staff alike will wipe down all surfaces using a medical-grade disinfectant.

Spacing Between Appointments
We are a high quality, low volume private healthcare facility. To facilitate social distancing, and allow for the appropriate time to disinfect surfaces, we plan to introduce spacing between appointments.

Seating within the Reception Area
All seating within the clinic reception area will be placed at least 2-meters apart.

Consideration of High-Risk Patients
We will be considering the risk profile of individual patients, and determining the suitability of certain appointments. Where possible we will try to manage high-risk cases remotely via Telehealth Consultation.

Secretarial Cover
Secretarial staff will either be situated behind a perspex reception desk screen to maintain social distancing, or will appear virtually on a screen placed upon the reception desk.

To avoid contamination, we will be removing magazines from the clinic reception for the time being.

Printed Media
Wherever possible, media that would have previously been printed in hard copy, will be forwarded to patients via email.

What we ask of you

Hand Washing / Sanitising
Hand sanitiser will be made readily available, and all patients will be requested to apply it upon entering the clinic.

Please wash hands regularly to ensure good hygiene and to prevent the spread of any infectious disease. 

Appointment time
We want to ensure that at any given time, the number of individuals within the clinic is kept to a minimum. Therefore, please endeavour to arrive at the clinic no more than 2-minutes before your appointment. Do not under any circumstance arrive excessively early or late for your appointment. If you have travelled to the clinic by car, and find yourself with time to spare, then please wait in your car until the time of your appointment.

Family or friends must stay in the car
Patients should only be accompanied if they are

a) minors

b) require assistance.

Other family members or friends should be requested to stay at home.

Social Distancing
Where possible, please maintain the 2-metre distancing rule while within the clinic.

Face Masks
We are asking all patients to wear a face mask. If you don't have a mask, or you forget to bring one, they will be made available to purchase at the clinic.

During Canine appointments, masks are mandatory for owners due to the close contact work that is carried out as you are holding your dog.

Masks are not mandatory during Equine appointments, as full social-distancing can be maintained and all work is carried out outdoors. However, if you so wish to wear a mask, please do not hesitate to. 

Contact Surfaces
Where possible, try not to touch contact surfaces within the clinic such as door handles. Instead, ask a member of staff for assistance.

We ask that you please pay by contactless card or rather than cash.

For Equine and Canine appointments, we are not accepting cash, and instead politely request that any fees are paid through bank transfer.

Toilet and washroom
If you have used the toilet and washroom facilities, please notify a member of staff so we can disinfect all surfaces.

COVID-19 symptoms
Please be vigilant of COVID-19 symptoms, and reschedule if:

  • You are experiencing any signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (persistent and dry cough, sore throat, tiredness, fever).


  • Exposure to anyone with suspected or diagnosed COVID-19 in last 14-21 days.


  • Worked or attended a clinic facility treating COVID-19 patients in the last 14-21 days.


We’re doing all we can to ensure our clinic environment is the safest it can be, and we hope you’re able to rest assured when attending for your appointment. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email us

Infectious disease in horses/ponies and dogs

Whilst all equipment is disinfected, and we take all suitable precautions - similarly to Veterinarians, Physiotherapist, Osteopaths and other Manual therapists, the mobile nature of our work means that we are unable to change clothing etc between every client we treat in one day.


If you suspect or have a confirmed case of infectious disease in either your horse/pony or dog, or another animal in your home or at your stables, please reschedule any appointments you may have booked with us, for a later date when the infection has stopped and the Veterinarians have cleared the infected animal. This ensures all animals get the very best of care from ourselves, and helps to minimise spread. 

Infections which require rescheduling of appointments include (but are not limited to): 

  • Strangles 

  • Ringworm

  • Kennel Cough 

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. 

What We're Doing
What we ask for
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