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Equine Treatment

What can we help with? 

Chiropractic care is a form of conservative musculoskeletal care which is suitable for most horses and ponies. It's benefits include helping improve range of motion or mobility, as well as relieving pain or muscles tension. Similarly to treating Dogs, we can alter our techniques to suit different shapes and sizes of horse, and are happy to help regardless of background. At Balance and Motion, we provide care for those competing in both affiliated and unaffiliated classes, Pony Club, Polo, hacking or endurance riding. 

We take a particular focus on the treatment of both the Horse and Rider, as we so often find that one may closely influence the others biomechanics, which may lead to injury or pain. Work can be carried out alongside your Farrier, Physiotherapist and Veterinarian to ensure the best form of care. Whilst we are not able to treat tendon or ligament injuries, we are able to take a full body approach towards your horse, to make sure they may be more comfortable whilst recovering or on box rest. 

Some signs that your horse or pony may be in need of Chiropractic care include: 

  • Stiffness on one rein

  • Change in head carriage

  • Head shaking

  • Bridle lameness

  • Subtle imbalances/lameness in gait

  • Change in or uneven wear of shoes

  • Dragging hooves

  • Bucking or becoming disunited

  • Difficulty with transitions

  • Resenting tacking up 

  • Tack slipping

  • Difficulty sitting straight when riding

  • Change in performance

  • Change in behaviour/attitude

  • Arthritic joint pain

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