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Balance and motion is a professional and therapeutic Chiropractic service based in Warwickshire, Coventry and the West Midlands. 

What is Chiropratic?

Our Mission


Chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession which focuses on the posture, movement of the body, and healthy functioning of joints, muscles and some nerves (neuro-musculoskeletal system). We use different techniques such as adjustments, mobilisations and various soft tissue releases to improve range of motion and decrease pain levels where appropriate. Care can also improve balance and increase bodily awareness/proprioception. 

At Balance and Motion, we use up to date and evidence informed treatments to help a large range of different conditions or complaints dependant on the type of patient.

Sciatica, lower back and neck pain are three of the most common complaints that we treat as chiropractors regardless of whether our patient is a person, dog or horse. Typically, these issues arise gradually overtime, as a result of long-term postural stress, general wear and tear or regular and intense training. For many of our patients, their lifestyle habits which may lead to these aches and pains (such as desk-bound occupation or professional/elite level sport) will not change, and so chiropractic care can become an important form of maintenance which can prevent or slow down further postural issues or discomfort, or improve performance. Sometimes pain may be secondary to trauma, and care may decrease healing time and compliment rehabilitation, helping our patients stay more injury-resistant in the future. 


Some complaints may be referred pain secondary to other health issues. In this case, Chiropractic should not be used in replacement of traditional Veterinary or Medical care, instead along side them. We are trained to recognise when Chiropractic care is not appropriate, and can instead organise a referral to the relevant medical services to ensure you get the help you require. Sometimes, we can help manage this alternative complaints alongside your other healthcare professionals. 

For more information on this, please visit our FAQ page or contact us. 



At Balance and Motion, we provide quality Chiropractic care to predominantly horses, equestrians/riders and dogs. All treatment is confidential, mobile and on a one-to-one basis, which can be carried out at either your home, stables or sporting venue. We are used to working with clients of all levels and backgrounds, whether this be Pony Club activities, Hacking or pleasure riding, or International level of competition within various different fields. We also work with dogs kept domestically or working dogs. 

To begin a course of care, a consultation is carried out initially. This includes a concise history which includes details on your or your animals current complaints and past medical history. Following this a physical examination is completed to assess the functioning of the nerves, joints, and muscles, complete orthopaedic tests and to determine what may be the cause of the complaint. A report of findings will be given, fully explaining the nature of the condition, and the recommended and personally tailored management plan to get you and your animals back on track. If any further scans or tests are required, we can organise the referral for this, and will do so prior to starting treatment. 


We believe that physical activity is a vital factor in recovery, and therefore take a large focus on rehabilitation, exercise-based therapy and goal-setting. Physical treatment will involve a range of modalities, from gentle spinal manipulation, to mobilisation and soft tissue releases. Any follow-up appointments involve reassessments and Chiropractic treatment.  

When she is not working on  mobile basis, she is working in a clinic in Henley-In-Arden providing care to those of all ages. Clinical care is strictly for people only. To book an appointment with Chloe at the Pain & Injury Clinic, click here.

Please Note: Infectious disease in horses/ponies and dogs

Whilst all equipment is disinfected, and we take all suitable precautions - similarly to Veterinarians, Physiotherapist, Osteopaths and other Manual therapists, the mobile nature of our work means that we are unable to change clothing etc between every client we treat in one day.


If you suspect or have a confirmed case of infectious disease in either your horse/pony or dog, or another animal in your home or at your stables, please reschedule any appointments you may have booked with us, for a later date when the infection has stopped and the Veterinarians have cleared the infected animal. This ensures all animals get the very best of care from ourselves, and helps to minimise spread. 

Infections which require rescheduling of appointments include (but are not limited to): 

  • Strangles 

  • Ringworm

  • Kennel Cough 

If you are unsure on any aspects of this or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. 


Equestrians & Sports-people

Contact us

Contact Us 

In the first instance, please contact me via my telephone number. If I do not answer, it is likely I am with a patient. Please leave a voicemail or text and I will return your call.  I am always happy to advise or discuss care on an individual basis prior to an appointment. 

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Balance and Motion Chiropractic

Balance and Motion Chiropractic


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